Monday, 14 December 2009

Handy Tip: Velbon Ultra Luxi M (and possibly other similar models)

In case you find that the legs of your Velbon ULTRA LUXi M tripod are a bit floppy, you can tighten them using the following steps:

1. Remove the centre column

2. Use a screwdriver or similar and insert through the holes in the central hexagonal stub of the spider (the bit to which the legs are connected), as in the photo above

3. Tighten by rotating clockwise, loosen by rotating anti-clockwise

By tightening the screw, more pressure is applied to the bearings between the legs and the spider, and this will allow the legs to stand out at an angle more reliably. By loosening this retaining nut all the way, the two halves of the central spider can be separated and the joint mechanism accessed.

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