Saturday, 22 July 2006

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 50th

It was the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics today and the Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics department to which I belong had a celebration including quite a lot of champagne. I lift up my glass to them and dedicate this photo to the continued success of the journal.

I have a large version of this up in the common room of the building which is shared with some fluid dynamicists. I often get questions from them and their visitors about whether it is a real photo, or maybe I've been a bit clever with computer rendering or Photoshop. In fact, it's one of my earliest photos, when I was just getting into photography. To me, the photo invokes a connotation of black holes and gravity waves, ripples in space-time. The relationship isn't so far fetched, acoustic black holes have been proposed as systems in which to test general relativistic predictions on the Earth.

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